Submission FAQs

What do I get by submitting?

When you submit your site, your site gets its own page. On the page, there's a description of your site, links to your social media, and, if you provide an RSS or ATOM feed, then your most recent posts will appear.

If you provide an RSS or ATOM feed, then your RSS feed gets merged with all the others to our Global RSS feeds.

By submitting your site, you may get more traffic to your site (though obviously not guaranteed).

How do I submit?

Visit our submission page.

I posted something, but the RSS feed isn't updating.

Our RSS feeds are updated twice a day. The RSS feeds on your site's page won't be updated until then.

Do I have to submit an RSS feed? I don't have one.

Submitting RSS feeds are optional. However, your most recent posts will not show up on your site's page nor appear in the Global RSS.

Do I lose the copyright of my site by submitting?

No. The copyright is still yours. The only thing you "give" to us is permission to post links to your site from here, and add your RSS feeds (if you provide it) to our global RSS.

What's the catch?

There is none. Submitting your site is completely free. Seriously. Your information isn't sold to some strange third party, or anything like that.

I'll be honest, the main reason for creating this site is I'm a software engineer and I wanted to see if I could pull it off; and I wanted to learn more about static website generation.

Is this like Spiritual Blogs?

Many years ago, Spiritual Blogs was a site very similar to this run by us. However, back then it was all WordPress powered, it relied on too many third-party services, had issues, and it wasn't very streamlined. We retired Spiritual Blogs. This is its replacement.

You can see what Spiritual Blogs looked like (minus the CSS) via