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This site is for meditation enthusiasts, by meditation enthusiasts!

This site has resources for new and veteran meditators to learn about meditation, gain tips for meditating, and eventually submit guest posts and log their meditation experience!

We have a live-stream with meditation music running 24/7.

We have a desktop application for logging meditation sessions.

My name is Seth, and welcome to my site!

Happy Meditating!

Latest Posts:
  • Kirtan Kriya (Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation)

    03/24/2017 21:39:43 +00:00

    In Kundalini Yoga, there is an exercise known as “Kirtan Kriya”.  This is also known as a meditation technique called “Sa Ta Na Ma.”  The reason why it is called “Sa Ta Na Ma” is because that is what the meditator chants throughout the meditation.  It is a very easy … Continue reading

  • Introducing Meditation Enthusiasts Sites!

    03/04/2017 22:09:03 +00:00

    Long-time viewers of Meditation Enthusiasts may remember many years ago, there was a spin-off site of Meditation Enthusiasts called Spiritual Blogs.  Spiritual … Continue reading

  • Announcing the Meditation Enthusiasts Music Live Stream!

    01/29/2017 22:44:46 +00:00

    Having trouble finding meditation music?  Have a song that can be used for meditation you want to share with the world?  Today, we are excited to announce that we will start streaming music that can be used for meditation, live, 24/7.

    Introducing the Meditation Enthusiasts Music Live Stream!  The stream … Continue reading

  • New Meditation Logging Desktop Application

    02/09/2016 03:10:07 +00:00


    homeScreenAfter several weeks, I am pleased to announce a public alpha of our new meditation logging software! … Continue reading

  • What causes hallucinations and sounds while meditating?

    07/18/2015 04:39:59 +00:00

    If you spend any amount of time on any meditation forum, you will see posts such as the following:

    • On very rare occasions I start hallucinating during meditation.
    • Does everybody experience hallucinations, replayed memories and imagery during meditation?
    • Does anyone here experience visual hallucinations while meditating?
    • I … Continue reading

  • My Experience With Kundalini Yoga

    07/09/2015 01:56:58 +00:00

    During my final semester at college I decided to sign up for a Kundalini Yoga class. I always wanted to take a yoga class, but never had the opportunity. I picked Kundalini Yoga since it fit in my schedule. I knew going in it was a mostly mental/meditative … Continue reading

  • Motionless Meditation

    06/26/2014 03:45:08 +00:00


    In my middle school days, I used to hang out on a Forum called  For those of you who are unaware of it, it was a site that focused on Parapsychology; that is stuff like telekinesis, remote viewing, psi balls, astral travel, etc.  Although I have … Continue reading

  • Counting Meditation Techniques

    06/04/2014 02:08:19 +00:00


    We, as humans, have counted ever since we were in preschool.  Counting, for many of … Continue reading

  • A Peace of the World

    04/13/2014 20:11:50 +00:00

    So in my usual internet browsing, I discovered something cool.  Its called “A Peace of the World!”  According to its creator, Taylor Powell,

    A Peace of the World is a visually stunning, multi-city video experiment to see what the effect of meditation has on masses of people.

    It … Continue reading

  • Meditating at college

    03/13/2014 21:03:23 +00:00


    It can be the best four to six years of your life.  It can also be the most stressful.  After long nights, homework, projects, LAN parties and trying to juggle a social life; things can get very hectic very quickly.  Luckily there is a very easy way to ease … Continue reading

  • YouTube Video: First Experience with meditation

    02/18/2014 22:38:36 +00:00

    So in my usual internet browsing, I discovered this simple video on YouTube. The synopsis is a young man learns meditation from the great resource that is the internet, and decides to try it. Watch the video below:

    Video was created by YouTube user Cecam Taller

    So … Continue reading

  • I have returned!

    02/15/2014 02:11:39 +00:00

    So…. hello everyone.  Seth here… its been a while hasn’t it?

    A couple years in fact 😐

    You might be wondering where I’ve gone?  I shall tell you!

    So… I have been at RIT working towards a Computer Engineering degree.  I have been on internships, I have learned coding, I … Continue reading

  • Eraser Technique

    03/05/2012 05:44:16 +00:00

    As I mentioned before, we have a Tumblr now!  While exploring it, I discovered this picture:

    So, of course I tried it out naturally.  However, I did put my own spin on it.  Here’s the technique  I used:

    1. Get into a comfortable position (1), close your eyes … Continue reading

  • Sex and Meditation

    08/25/2011 03:33:12 +00:00

    This post may be a little… weird and awkward, and you may learn more information about me than you’ll ever want to know. It also may be slightly NSFW, and its slightly opinionated, so feel free to disagree with anything, but I feel like a post like this is necessary.

    Continue reading

  • The Practice (YouTube Video)

    07/13/2011 23:01:26 +00:00

    In my usual surfing of Youtube, I came across this video simply named “The Practice.” by Cheguebuddha Check it out:

    Its a simple video, but I like it. The meditator is trying to focus on his breath, but gets distracted. … Continue reading

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